Bowles aims to bring restaurant quality cooking into the kitchen of every food lover

Bowles has a passion to put gourmet food products in the hands of everyday people who love cooking.
Quality stock products are the foundation of quality sauces and dishes. Due to the length of time required to produce true stocks, inferior highly processed stocks are more than often used in everyday cooking. Unfortunately, this means food quality compromise.

Bowles aims to help lovers of food and cooking by providing them with fine stock products created without compromise. The refined stocks and sauces created by Bowles are all 100% pure, fresh and premium.

Bowles Jus products boast the following benefits:
Absolutely no added salt
No additives
No preservatives
No thickeners
No flavour enhancers
Gluten free
99.6 percent fat free
100% bone broth reduction

Only the freshest and quality Australian produce is selected and refined traditional French methods used to create the stock. The consistently fine quality of the stocks heightens the quality and consistency of any dishes where Bowles Jus products are used. Being such a versatile product and with so much to offer to so many dishes through its superior ability to accentuate the flavour of any dish,
Bowles is a must have for any home kitchen.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about Bowles range of gourmet Jus products.