Australia’s Finest
Refined Stocks and Stock Reductions

For Australian produced refined stocks and stock reductions
made to the highest standard of purity, Bowles is the only choice.

Bowles Premium Stock Reductions

For quality stock reductions, Bowles jus product range cannot be beaten.

Jus (pronounced zhew) is without doubt an essential ingredient for anyone wanting to cook gourmet, restaurant quality food in their kitchen at home. Whether you are a seasoned food lover and avid cook or a motivated beginner, you cannot overlook using Jus in your home cooking. Our flagship range of Jus products, which includes Red Wine Jus, Lamb Jus, Chicken Jus, and Veal Jus, are produced to perfection. They will lift your cooking to the heights of flavour and take your passion for food and cooking to the next level.

Where to buy Bowles products

Bowles stock reductions and other stock products are available from selected butchers, delis, gourmet food stores and other retail outlets throughout Australia.

Please visit our store locator page to find the nearest location where you can purchase Bowles products.

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